Mikhail Bolkhovitinov


Mikhail Bolkhovitinov received his art education from classically oriented programs in drawing, painting, sculpture, and the history of art and architecture at the Moscow Institute of Architecture.  As an independent artist, he studied and was deeply influenced by the work of the European avant-garde from the beginning of the 20th century, especially Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism.  As a result, he combines the fundamental principles of composition with continuing formal experimentation, following traditions and breaking the rules at the same time.

All of Mikhail Bolkhovitinov's artwork, whether abstract or representational, have an articulated formal structure.  Each work reflects his creative thinking, cultural background and feelings of the moment rather than replicating real objects and environments.

The range of Mikhail Bolkhovitinov's artwork includes mixed media art, painting and collage.   He is  also experimenting with three-dimensional installations.  As an art instructor, Mikhail Bolkhovitinov is teaching at the Educational Department of The Workhouse Arts Center.